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Lay-By Terms and Conditions

  1. A minimum of 25% deposit of the purchase value, is to be paid at the time the lay-by is created.
  2. The lay-by period is for a maximum of 2 months
  3. The minimum lay-by sale is $50.
  4. The cancellation charge on a lay-by is 25% of the total purchase price.
  5. Where a lay-by purchase includes more than one item, the items cannot be separated.
  6. There are no returns or exchanges on lay-by items with the exception of faulty goods or in accordance with your legislated rights.
  7. The customer or the store has the right to cancel a lay-by.
  8. If the customer cancels the lay-by within four weeks they have the right to a refund of the payments made, less the cancellation charge.
  9. If the store cancels the lay-by within three weeks the customer will be given seven days notice and will be entitled to a full refund of all payments made.
  10. Customers will be contacted for all lay-bys that are not completed by the due date. After the due date the lay-by will be cancelled and the customer will be given a refund for their payments made, less the cancellation charge.
  11. The cancellation charge is applied to compensate the retailer's selling, storage and administration costs.
  12. Any items placed on lay-by cannot be altered until the lay-by has been paid in full.
  13. No items can be taken by the customer until the entire lay-by has been paid in full.


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