Book a Virtual Shoe Fitting

Little Treads is now offering virtual measuring sessions by appointment. This provides you a 1 on 1 session (over video) with one of our fitting specialist to help you measure your child correctly and then provide guidance on sizing and suggestions on what shoes could work for them.
To book a session please click below: 
Book a Shoe Fitting


 To assist with this session please ensure you have done the following ready for our session:

- Downloaded the necessary app (a Zoom Meeting link will be sent to you) to be able to video call with us.

- Have a phone, iPad or computer in a location where we can see your child walk and you measuring them clearly

- Have a piece of paper, pen and ruler on hand

- Have you child available (we know it can be hard to keep them in one place, so will be as quick as we can) 


Fitting of a child