Bedhead Multi-Use Washbag

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Bedhead Multi-Use Washbag


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Introducing the new Bedhead Washbags! 

This multi-use washbag is the perfect way to prolong the life of your Bedhead hats. Simply place the hat with the strap positioned inside the body of the hat into the washbag and zip closed. This washbag is designed to allow soap and water to circulate freely for optimal cleaning and rinsing without tangling. 

We recommend washing Bedhead hates with cold water on gentle cycle. 

Multi-use Washbag is made of a sturdy knit allowing you to wash many other items including: 

  • Swimwear 
  • Underwear
  • Hosiery 
  • Delicate fabrics or garments with beading 
  • Kids canvas shoes 

Size: 37 x 40cm 

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