Great Activities to keep the kids busy at home

With most of us now housebound it can be hard to keep the kids entertained. 

The kids might be going back to school or childcare but instead of getting them ready with a clean uniform, shoes and making lunches for the day, they are more likely just shuffling down the hallway and into the next room, but this doesn't mean that the day can't be fun, below we have found some resources to keep the little and not so little ones busy while we are all at home.



Looking for some fun activities to do? we have found some great ideas that will make sure that they have some fun too while they learn.


Fun in your backyard

How to build a salad garden in your own backyard

Have a camping adventure in your own backyard


Fun with a phone

Google's 3D Virtual Reality Animals

Search for your favourite animal on your phone and if there is a 3D option you will see it appear like this

Virtual Reality- Penquin

 This certainly is a bit of fun and easy to use, you can go on a wildlife safari without leaving the house and no clean up after.

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Virtual Museum Tours

Tour some of the worlds greatest museum and most beautiful destinations on your Desktop, Phone Or Tablet without even leaving the house.

Located in Google's Art and Culture section you can now get lost exploring some of The USA's most beautiful national parks, learn about some of the world's greatest artists, destinations, literary inspirations, untold stories.

You can also discover some of the worlds most interesting museums with virtual tours, games and plenty of activities that will keep everyone eager to learn more.

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ABC Educational Portal

ABC Educational Portal

From Early Learning to High school students, ABC's Education Portal has some great learning resources now available to keep them busy and learning at home.

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Kitchen Science Experiments (Kids aged 3 - 8 Yrs)

Keep the kids’ brains busy and inspire innovation with simple  projects you can do with the materials you have at home from the team at KiwiCo!

From fun that can be had with food colouring to other kitchen ingredients that bring science to life.


If you are looking to get out into space we have found some great resources to keep the whole family busy while housebound with fun activities that are out of this world.

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- Building

If you have a little builder, there are some great resources online to keep them busy and learning new skills.


Every Tuesday from 11am master builder Kieran from LEGO Discovery Centre will do a live Workshop activity to keep little hands busy and minds active.

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-Art & Craft & Music

50 Online Art and Music Resources to Help Kids Learn and Create from Home

In need of some inspiration for more of a right brain thinkers we have found some great resources that will to appeal to their creative side with some great learning activities in art and music .

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For your little artist, to learn and have fun at the same time with so many great activities.

Crayola Art

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