How to measure your children's feet at home

We understand that buying online can make choosing the right size a challenge. We are here to help provide comprehensive information to make sure you find the right fit. We always recommend basing your size off your child's foot length measurement, and below you can find an easy three step guide on finding that measurement.

Measuring At Home:

Step 1: Have your child stand with their feet flat on a sheet of paper. Trace around their feet. Standing upright will ensure they are distributing equal weight on each foot.

Step 2: Measure the distance from the tracing from their heel to the longest toe. This will determine their foot length.

Step 3: Match this foot length measurement to the brand sizing guide for the style you are interested in.


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Refer to our video for a step-by-step video guides:


Foot Measurement Tool:

If you have access to a printer, you can download our Foot Measurement Tool to calculate their foot length. Please ensure you print at 100% (otherwise rescaling the image can lead to an incorrect measurement)

Foot measure

Please note: 

When referring to a sizing guides recommended foot length measurement, you do not have to add the growing room onto the foot length. 

Different brands will size their shoes differently, so always refer to the specific sizing guide for the shoe you would like to purchase.