Frequently asked Questions

  • Why are baby or toddler shoes with flexible soles better for my child?

While pediatricians now agree that barefoot is best for proper foot and muscular development, it is not always practical.

Flexible soles are recommended because they are protective for indoor and outdoor wear, yet not restrictive. Shoe we stock from brands including See Kai Run, Bobux and Skeanie all incorporate a very flexible, quality leather uppers with durable and flexible soles.

  • How to care for your shoes Leather Shoes and Sandals?

The exterior of our leather shoes and sandals can be sprayed with a non-toxic water repellent for extra protection.

To clean our leather shoes, use a damp cloth to wipe them down and allow to air dry. If there are any further marks you can try using a little mild detergent in water and again leave them to air dry.

  • How do I clean Canvas Shoes?

While shoes may hold up in the washing machine, we do not recommend this method for cleaning our shoes.

Try using an old toothbrush or similar to scrub the soles with water and for the canvas using just water and for stubborn marks a little mild detergent can be added to the water.

For the See Kai Run canvas shoes you can remove the inner soles. This will help to also remove any excess water and help them air dry quicker.