About Us

Little Treads loves helping little feet… be healthy and happy feet!

We believe in fun and adventure and ensuring your little ones’ feet are protected and supported by great quality shoes!

When my two boys began to walk, I found it difficult to find well designed and comfortable shoes that were durable enough to keep up with their busy feet. Many styles I came across were often rigid, poorly made and at times really hurt their feet.

After EXTENSIVE research into the children’s foot development to help provide my own children with the best shoes I could during this critical growing period, I discovered many great children’s brands from across the world.

I realised I wanted to help other parents access these great shoes and this is what led to the establishment of Little Treads! I wanted to help give another family peace of mind when it came to their little ones shoes.

From a few key shoes for toddlers in 2013 to our fantastic range now, we are so proud to offer a range that is “Little Treads Approved”. This means that when it comes the stock we offer, we ensure that our shoes meet these requirements:

  1. DURABLE. Your children’s shoes should be outgrown before they are ever outworn.
  2. COMFORTABLE. No shoe should hurt a child’s feet when they walk, PERIOD!
  3. GOOD FOR CHILDREN’S FEET. This is our most important requirement. Shoes should not prohibit the development of your child’s feet.

We continually strive to offer podiatrist backed material, extensive sizing information and brand fitting tips to help make it easier for parents to confidently buy online. Our Happy Feet Guarantee helps to keep our promise to you for finding the right shoe for your little one. Our returns process is quick and easy to exchange a pair and we are easy to contact for further information.

Email us at customerservice@littletreads.com.au and we’ll answer any questions you have.