About our Brands: PLAE

What happens when a big kid has kids? Well if you were a design guru for the likes of Puma, Diesel, and UGG and live in San Francisco, you launch a start-up for kids (of all ages) and name it PLAE. Ryan Ringholz has outfitted an entire generation, so when fatherhood entered the picture it made perfect sense for him to style the next generation as well.

His goal? Design premium products that can handle all the things that kids dish out on a daily basis. PLAE shoes are made from eco-friendly, breathable, and washable materials that are engineered to be durable, flexible, and customizable to allow for the natural development of children’s feet.

Every pair of PLAE shoes has been hand-crafted by a team of workers, with many pairs of hands adding their special touch to each pair that arrives at your door.


Caring for your PLAE Shoes

Kids’ shoes get dirty, that’s why most of our plae shoes are washable*.

For suede, nylon, mesh, and synthetic uppers, machine wash separately in cold gentle cycle with a gentle detergent. do not put in the dryer or tumble dryer. Use small suede brush to remove excess dirt if desired.

Insoles can also be machine-washed in cold gentle cycle either left in the shoe or removed and washed separately.

Dry naturally, avoiding direct sun.

For all over leather styles, wipe down with a slightly damp washcloth and leave to dry, avoiding the sun.

* Please note that washing full grain leather or decorative materials is not advised as it may alter the look or feel of the product.



In keeping with responsible practices and respect for our environment, PLAE aims to be as eco-minded as they can. To help reduce our carbon footprint, they make every effort to source eco-centric components for our products and packaging.

Product Eco Features:

  • have removable eco-ortholite® anti-bacterial, anti-microbial insoles
  • use recycled cork EVA-moulded heel cup for guided fit
  • include mesh lining for added comfort and breathability
  • use water-based glues and recycled pet upper materials
  • are produced in a solar-powered factory
  • our boxes and paper use 100% recyclable paper
  • employ soy-based ink
  • use vegetable and water-based laminate
  • have a glue-less, one-piece design for easy breakdown