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Bobux started in New Zealand and while their head office is still there, the company sells an innovative range of baby and toddler shoes all over the world.  They have become well known for their beautiful and great quality pre-walker (soft-soled) range and have since expanded into shoes for first walkers and preschoolers.  They continue to work closely with internationally recognised footwear specialists and podiatrists to ensure their shoes continue to meet the unique needs of each developmental milestone.  Using the finest leather and suede, all the range features very specific attributes that promote natural foot development, whatever stage your child is at. 

Bobux shoes are carefully designed in New Zealand and lovingly crafted by our manufacturing partners in Indonesia.

Part of making the world’s best children’s shoes is sourcing the world’s best materials. Bobux shoes are held to an extremely high quality standard, they need to be durable, flexible to children’s movements, and easily adjustable for the perfect fit. It’s this level of detail that makes Bobux a better fit, more breathable, more comfortable and provide more protection than any other children’s shoe in the world.

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Soft Soles -  Crawlers' feet are mostly cartilage, with just the beginnings of tiny bones. Their adorable little feet are flat and squishy without arches. They have chubby little ankles, square toes that curl down and heels that aren’t quite defined yet.

Newborn feet are so malleable that rigid shoes or even tight-fitting socks could affect their healthy development. Bobux Soft Soles are made from flexible leather to protect little feet while giving their feet the freedom to develop naturally. Featuring a soft suede sole, an unlined leather upper and an elasticated ankle to keep kids from kicking them off! Friendly fun characters stitched atop the fronts of the shoes with faces that look towards babies to spark early imaginations. Bobux Soft Soles guide your little one on their earliest indoor adventures. 

Xplorer - These are made for children starting to cruising around on furniture and crawling to standing up and taking a few tentative steps. Cruisers' feet are just beginning to form, their heels and tiny toes are starting to take shape allowing them to stand when supported. Their feet are still soft, chubby and cute with flat pads and no arches. 

Xplorer shoes are lightweight and durable to protect babies' feet as they start to stand. Grippy textured soles help babies push against surfaces and the reinforced toe-caps protect tiny little toes as they crawl around. The Xplorer sole was expertly designed to flex with your child’s movement, allowing their feet to strengthen naturally as they grow and start to explore.

Step Up - First walkers have a unique foot shape, their little feet are still chubby and cute like they were as newborns but their heels are now formed enough to support their weight. Bones are beginning to form in their feet but they’re still rounded and feature a layer of fat across the soles. Their arch and achilles remain undefined like chubby babies’ feet, but don’t worry, they’ll soon be taking shape.

Bobux Step Ups are flexible and soft for growing feet but feature harder wearing rounded soles for outdoor adventures. Carefully designed to form fit first walkers and using soft materials that fit snugly around chubby feet. Step Ups are styled like little shoes (who doesn’t want cool kicks for their kids?) while retaining all the important adjustability and stability features of healthy first walker footwear.

IWalk - A confident walker has a more developed, but still unique foot shape. The i-walk range accommodates this, providing the best possible flexibility whilst adding grip for kids on the go. An arch has begun to form in the foot and the achilles is now clearly visible.

Learning to move faster, stop quickly, jump and change direction requires more support and a more diverse range of motion. Bobux I-Walk are designed to enable more confident movements. All the running and jumping that children start to do at this stage is important for their own mental development, so it’s important they have a shoe to carry them on this journey. Children are also starting to have a say in their own shoes aesthetically, so designing shoes they’ll love is a necessity.

KID- These are for children who have progressed to being confident walkers, runners and climbers. As children begin active play their feet become more developed and begin to resemble the shape of adult feet. It’s the stage in life when they’re starting to communicate more, they’re moving around a lot and a more dextrous foot is required for quick movement and dynamic play.

More active play demands a more durable shoe. The Kid+ sole design combines the durability requirements of active children, with the comfort and protection inherent in all our shoes. Featuring super lightweight, flexible materials, Bobux Kid+ range stands up to all the activity kids put them through. Designed, from the sole up, to be the shoes that your child will live in and love.


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Bobux Sizing 

As you can see the Xplorer, Step Up and I-Walk ranges include size 22. This is because of the different developmental stages children can be at when wearing this size - some are walking confidently, others are still finding their feet!

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